It's not too late to get a gift for your loved ones, but you need some inspiration. Luckily we have compiled this list of easy and affordable gift ideas you can give to your family and friends to make them smile.

1. A GOOD BOOK TO READ- If your loved ones like reading books, nothing would beat the smell of a new book to make them smile for Christmas. As you shop for gifts these holidays, choose a book you’ve already read and would recommend so you can share the thrill and excitement you felt reading the said piece. Keep in mind, though, your loved ones’ favorite genre so he/she could appreciate the ride of reading much more.


 2. OPEN-WHEN LETTERS – Gifts made with love and effort never really go out of style- and so letters remain to be the sweetest gift one can make for their loved ones. These cheesy gifts, however, can have different twists and styles so you’d have something new to offer every time. One of which is these open-when letters that have labels of when they should be opened.

It may be during those moments the receiver feels alone, or when they feel so excited and happy they wanted to share it with someone else. Put any moment you would want the receiver to feel your presence and know your words during such times. Through this, you can make them feel the love and make them smile, even for 365 days.


 3. TEETH WHITENING KITS- What better way can you make your loved ones smile than to help them improve their smile? As visits and treatment in dental offices can be quite pricey especially if you ought to give many family members this gift idea, you can try giving in-home teeth whitening kits instead.

There’s really no need to worry or doubt, as kits like OneClickSmile are now available in the market. Such kit offers affordable yet efficient teeth whitening treatment through the application of the whitening gel, fastened by the LED accelerator light that can be plugged into any USB or mobile phone outlet.

The process this whitening treatment offers only takes 10 minutes of your 6 days, and you can actually see through the teeth shade chart provided the improvement of your smile which can go from 2 to 8 shades whiter. The kit, furthermore, is approved by the Australian Dental Association and is compliant with the ACCC product safety as its materials and ingredients assures no pain nor sensitivity developed all throughout.


 4. THEIR FAVORITE MEME SHIRT- Memes are now on trend with most, if not all, the people who can access the internet. These memes are funny photos or video clips which humorously express a feeling or emotion you would want to exhibit during various circumstances.

If your love ones, thus, liked memes, why not turn their favorites into a shirt? Print into a shirt a favorite expression on facial reaction you loved ones liked expressing, and you can surely make them laugh and smile these holidays. Not only is it funny, it will also make them feel how you pay attention to their likes and habits.


 5. SKIN CARE PRODUCTS- having clear skin can make everyone smile, right? Who wouldn’t? Feeling good and confident about yourself is something worth celebrating and smiling about. Hence, why not share and help your loved ones achieve that glowing clear skin everyone wants?

Men or women, everyone would feel happy when you are given the opportunity to improve and love yourself even more. A little reminder, however, to be conscious of your loved ones’ preferences with skin care products and ingredients when buying them gifts so you would not cause some breakouts instead.


But you know, these gift ideas are just simple suggestion you can consider if you’re running out of options. At the end of the day, you know your loved ones better than anyone else and so you know what exactly could make them smile. No worries as we’re sure any gift would be appreciated as long as they are from your heart.


Let’s all smile and spread the love! Happy Holidays!