The Psychological Benefits of Whiter Teeth

Today’s society places great importance on our outward appearance. The majority of us are worried about how our peers perceive us, and oral hygiene is one of our leading concerns.

Modern processes and technologies have now made it possible for anyone to have a dazzling smile. Thanks to at-home whitening treatments like One Click Smile, you can expect the following psychological benefits:

1. Elevated Self Confidence
Confidence is everything when it comes to getting what you want from life. With a healthy amount of self-confidence, you can push yourself to new levels you never thought were possible.

Exuding this heightened sense of confidence can enhance your performance in personal and professional tasks, improve your social life, and ultimately lead to lifelong happiness and satisfaction.

2. A More Optimistic Mindset
If you want to be happy and confident, then it is important that you have a positive mindset. Our thoughts are powerful things- they can change our moods for the better or worse depending on how we use them! Positive thinking is incredibly beneficial to our mental health for a variety of reasons:

  • Positive thinking kicks negative thoughts (which can cause depression and stress) to the curb
  • With the elimination of stress, the activities we enjoy or perform daily go more smoothly and we feel more relaxed
  • Positive thinking has been proven to help improve cardiovascular health and reduce illness

3. Better Social Interactions with Peers
Because a bright, clean smile improves your confidence, it also leaves others with a better first impression.

Studies have shown that when we smile at someone, the part of the brain which processes sensory rewards lights up. We are so hardwired to find smiles favourable that smiling at someone makes it almost impossible for them to not share a smile in return. The exchange leaves both parties with a good dose of endorphins (the “feel good” hormone).

4. Greater Job Security
As it turns out, a more luminous smile can even make you more successful in the workplace. This will lead to greater personal and professional satisfaction.

One AACD survey found that nearly three-quarters (74 per cent) of respondents felt that an unattractive smile could hurt an employee’s odds of enjoying a successful career. This can be due to a myriad of factors, including some of the points made above, such as lack of self-confidence, assumed poor health, and negativity.

A negative attitude towards one’s job can bring your career growth to a grinding halt. Your boss and your co-workers will notice your apathetic attitude towards your work. As you may also experience an increase in illness, you may miss more time from work which can leave your boss with a bad impression of your work ethic and your ability to take on a more challenging role within the company.

When we feel more secure in our jobs, we experience less stress. We also tend to work harder and earn both the appreciation and compliments of those in the workplace, which can lead to personal and financial gain.

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