5 Essential Tips to Achieve Whiter Smile Even if You're a Wine Lover

Studies suggest that drinking red wine can help promote heart health and lowers bad cholesterol since it contains powerful antioxidants. However, too much wine is not good for your health. Why? Because wine is highly acidic which can damage your tooth enamel and lead to stained teeth.

 Having a damaged enamel can also increase your risk for bacteria and tooth decay. Here are 7 essential tips to have beautiful pearly whites even if you love drinking wine.

1. Use a straw when drinking

      Drinking wine or any beverage such as coffee and tea through a straw can help promote your dental health and protect your teeth and gums. It can reduce tooth sensitivity, tooth discoloration, prevent cavities, and enamel deterioration.

       So, if you want to protect your pearly whites, you can use a reusable straw to your wine glass so you can drink without the guilt of staining your teeth.  

2. Drink water after enjoying a glass of wine

        Having a sip or a glass of water after drinking wine can wash it away and neutralize the acid in your mouth. People who love drinking white wine should be more careful since it is more acidic than red wine which can damage your enamel more quickly that may result in sensitive teeth. White wine can also badly affect your gums so limit your drinking.

         It is not bad to drink glasses and bottles of wine with your friends and family but make sure to protect your dental health after every drink.

3. Do not brush your teeth right after drinking wine        

         Brushing right after enjoying a glass of wine can lead to damaging effects since it may spread the acid in your entire mouth making your enamel softer after drinking wine.

         Dentists recommend drinking water after drinking wine and brushing your teeth after 1 hour has passed. If you brush right away while your enamel is soft, it may lead to tooth erosion, and over time your enamel will get thinner and your teeth will be more sensitive.

4. Rinse your mouth after drinking wine

         Since it is forbidden to brush your teeth after drinking wine, you can floss and rinse your mouth. It is advisable to rinse your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash that will strengthen the enamel and wash away the wine leftovers in your mouth.

         You can also swish your mouth with coconut oil for a few minutes to remove cavities and promote healthy teeth and gums. Moreover, coconut oil can minimize stains sticking to your teeth.

5. Use teeth whitening products

         You can use tooth whitening products like teeth whitening toothpaste that is available in the market to remove stains in your teeth. In addition, getting a DIY-teeth whitening treatment can also be more effective and much convenient for you. With One Click Smile teeth whitening kit, you can now maintain your pearly whites and beautiful smile without giving up on drinking wine.

          Plus, the whitening process is hassle-free, our teeth whitening gel is vegan-friendly and you'll get cost-effective teeth whitening at your own place and time.

But how can One Click Smile teeth whitening kit help you in your teeth whitening journey?

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Our kit includes the following:

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