About One Click Smile

White, bright teeth are a source of amazing of confidence – we see it in the media everywhere and everyday on models, singers, actors. Their smiles tell us just how comfortable and happy they are with how they look and feel. So it’s no surprise that in everyday life, as well as before life’s big events (think: your wedding or a job interview), you want a smile that shows you at your bright, healthy, and happy best.

Not all of us have picture-perfect teeth though do we? Life has a nasty habit of putting obstacles in our way that prevent us from flashing a big, confident smile. Things like drinking coffee or tea, smoking, some medications, and even the food we eat can all cause our teeth to become stained.

And until now getting rid of those stains has been very expensive have done professionally, and using teeth whitening products previously on the market has let down so many people - either they don’t deliver what they say they will, or they take soooooooo long to achieve the results promised.

We know that celebrities can afford to regularly spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on making their teeth ‘paparazzi perfect’, but that’s just not realistic for everyday people is it?

And that’s where One Click Smile takes centre stage. Our teeth whitening system is proven to get results, fast. And it does it at an achievable, customer-friendly price.

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Simple & Fast, On-The-Go Technology



One Click Smile was founded by a dental hygienist right here in Australia, who sought a safe, affordable system for whitening teeth. Launched to the market in 2019, One Click Smile is the result of a years of research and testing. Its technology combines light treatment and the most effective formulation for safe, fast teeth whitening (hydrogen peroxide) which is applied by a specially designed brush pen to reduce the chance of any gum sensitivity.

And we have designed it with today’s technology in mind. No batteries or power points are needed to charge the One Click Smile light. Just plug it in to any USB outlet, from iPhones to Android phones, tablets and laptops, and your treatment can done quickly and effectively, wherever you are, and without draining your batteries.

Quality and Customer Focus

The One Click Smith teeth whitening system has received Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval, something very few teeth whitening products can claim. We have also tested our gel and products right here in Australia (and certainly NEVER on animals) to ensure their quality – and the results are nothing less than outstanding.

Here’s something else that’s different: Our customer service team is comprised of real people from our company – not automated bots delivering generic replies, no call centres, and no offshore help desks. So if you have a question, we’re here with the answers!

The One Click Smile teeth whitening system is backed by a 90-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, and shipping within Australia is included.

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Australian Dental Outreach Foundation

Community Outreach

One Click Smile donates 1% of all sales to the Australian Dental Outreach Foundation, a charity that provides dental care to the neediest parts of our society to those who would not be able to otherwise afford it.

The One Click Smile team is led by Tanaz Warden.

Designed by Dental Hygienist Tanaz Warden

Tanaz is a healthcare professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry and dental hygiene. Originally from India, she migrated to Australia and obtained her degree in Dental Hygiene from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia.

More recently, for over five years Tanaz delivered a pharmacy based in-chair teeth whitening service, which showed her first-hand the pros and cons of what were considered to be market leaders in this niche. Her professional frustration and dissatisfaction with the products that claimed to be the “best” way to whiten teeth led her to developing the One Click Smile teeth whitening system.

Dental Hygenist Tanaz Warden

Affordability Meets Effectiveness and Safety

The goal in developing One Click Smile was to develop an effective product that was backed by both science (not hype), with the approval of the Australian Government regulator (the TGA). But as well, it had to be affordable enough to be a realistic option for the average Australian looking for whiter, brighter teeth and a more confident smile.

Combining her professional experience with that of her husband (a successful pharmacist) she created One Click Smile, conducted testing, and trialled it with an eager group of early adopters.

Tanaz is motivated by seeing her clients get the confidence to smile brightly, whether that’s in their everyday lives, their wedding or birthday photos, or when they are after their dream job.

Now, One Click Smile is available to anyone who wants to quickly and affordably whiten their teeth and get their perfect smile.