The OneClickSmile Difference


When you decide to whiten your teeth, we understand that the range of options available on the market can seem daunting.

In the toothpaste aisle of the supermarket, there are usually no fewer than a dozen different options from five to six major brands claiming the best teeth whitening results. On the far more expensive end of the scale, professional “in chair” teeth whitening treatments promise great results, but charge prices that are much higher than what most people are willing to spend. This caused numerous online brands to surface and offer D.I.Y. teeth whitening kits which incorporate "in chair" bleaching techniques with ingredients you can apply on your own.

So, just how would you know which option, and specifically which brand, can really whiten your teeth? To help cut through the confusion, here are just some of the main differences between One Click Smile and other teeth-whitening options.


The Active Ingredient

The active ingredient that we use in OneClickSmile treatment is proven safe and effective. Hydrogen peroxide in the concentration that we have formulated for our product (6%) is a safe option that also delivers world-class results. In fact, it is used by dentists for professional cleaning and scaling that they do when you visit the dentist at the end of your treatment. The reason you don’t get whiter teeth because of that treatment is that it takes a few more sessions for you to  start to see the desired results, and no one wants to be at the dentist multiple times a week!

See, the usage of Hydrogen Peroxide at 6% as our active ingredient makes it possible for our teeth whitening system to remove the stains without eroding your enamel, nor causing any sensitivity in your gums or teeth. Any more higher than this percentage can actually damage the outer layer of your teeth, and thus reveal the yellowish tissue inside; and any more lower will most likely do no good to reach the stains.

Other products use less safe, less well-researched, or less effective active ingredients (in much higher or lower concentrations) in order to be cheaper or make more aggressive sales and marketing claims. OneClickSmile, on the other hand, prioritizes safety and efficiency while maintaining affordability.

Following Rules & Regulations:

There were very strict rules and laws that needed to be followed when developing a Teeth Whitening System. All of which OneClickSmile adhered to in order to be launched primarily in Australia, and soon in other parts of the world like in the United States of America and New Zealand.

With a Dental Hygienist as our founder, our brand assures that we have successfully met all rules and regulations while maintaining its efficiency and affordability.


Simple to Use

We have gone through many iterations of our entire system to make sure that it is easy to use. This is called a customer-centric design. So when you use our gel and application system, you know that it has been tested, refined, tweaked, and perfected to give you the simplest, most effective experience possible.

Our competitors can cut corners and costs by using pastes, different gels or fewer LED lights. All of these choices will affect the effectiveness of the teeth whitening process. In comparison, our system is not dependent on batteries and has the optimum number of LED lights to activate the gel.

Further, OneClickSmile not only uses a proven safe gel, but also makes sure that it is easy to apply but not diluted so much that it slides off and does not bind to your teeth. While others use mouthpieces for application, we have developed a specially made brush for easier, safer, and more effective application. It takes a lot of testing and effort to make something look and feel seamless, while still being effective, but we think that’s exactly what we’ve created for you with the One Click Smile system.


Longevity of Effects

While other brands would require you to keep using their products every other month, OneClickSmile's efficiency will allow you to maintain a brighter smile as long as possible.

At best, your teeth would maintain its whiter shade for 3 or more months. On the other hand, if you're a coffee, wine, or tea lover which makes you prone in accumulating stains regularly, you can still keep a whiter smile for about two months. 

What's more? OneClickSmile offers a refill kit which is much cheaper than the primary kit. It will allow you to continue using your LED light accelerator and purchase only the whitening gels for maintenance or improvement of even higher shades!


Customer Guarantee

We also stand behind all of our products with a 90-day guarantee and 7-days a week customer service. Trust us – not everyone is that keen to make sure their customers are happy and satisfied with the effectiveness, cost, and experience that comes with their teeth whitening treatment. But we, at OneClickSmile, will be very happy to assist you all the way!

After all, our main goal is to create equal and easier opportunities for everyone to have an awesome smile!