5 Secrets your Dentist Won't Tell you that Can Affect Your Oral Health

Almost everyone has a fear of going to the dentist. This is especially true for millennials and Gen Z, who have been raised on horror stories about people having their teeth pulled out without anesthesia. While there are some things that your dentist may not want you to know, it is important to get the facts so that you can make informed decisions about your oral health. In this blog post, we will reveal five secrets that your dentist does not want you to know. 

  1. Reduce the sugar in your snacks

We all know the feeling of being too busy to eat properly. You hit your head against a wall trying to get everything done in an already full day, so instead you end up with some unhealthy snacks that won't make things better but only put more stress on top-of what's there already! What kind? Well, anything sweet like biscuits or chocolates can cause tooth decay - even if they're healthy initially these types aren’t very good for us over time because sugar enters into their chemical composition as well which makes them worse than before (not mentioning how bad sweets typically taste).

  1. Avoid Fizzy drinks

You might think that drinking fizzy drinks is harmless, but you would be wrong. Not only can they cause tooth erosion due to their acidity and high sugar content - often found in sodas or fruit juice-but these same properties make them perfect candidates for caries (decay).

  1. Water is a healthier drink

Water isn't just the best choice for your teeth, it's also crucial to staying healthy. We all know that we need water in order avoid dehydration and bad breath but did you realize how important drinking plain old H2O can be? When compared with other drinks such as coffee or soda pop; water doesn’t have any sugary taste which means less temptation when trying not eat something else during a snack break at work!

  1. Clean Between your teeth

Cleaning in between your teeth is one of the most important parts of brushing! Around 60 percent are unable to be cleaned by a toothbrush, meaning it’s even more crucial you make time for flossing. If not twice a day then at least daily will give those stubborn bacteria no chance against their death sentence--a clean mouth without plaque buildup or gum disease-inducing pockets around each tiny opening where food particles could potentially get stuck if left unchecked

  1. Do not use your teeth as a tool

You don't need me to tell you not to use your mouth for opening things. Whether it's a bottle, packet, or tough nut; the bottom line is - teeth are NOT tools! The same goes with chewing pens/ pencils as well--all these items have potential and may weaken tooth enamel which could result in chipping or cracking of one’s own smile.

We all know that flossing is an essential oral care routine that we really need to do to promote our oral health and reduce the risk of having a gum disease. But, did you know that using floss picks that are made out of hard plastic and substances called Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are very harmful to the environment. 

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Now that you know these oral health secrets, be sure to put them into practice! Reducing sugar intake, drinking more water, and cleaning between your teeth will all help keep your smile healthy and sparkling. And if you ever have any questions or concerns about your oral health, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice – we’re always here to help. Thanks for reading!