Brighten Dad’s Smile this Father’s Day

The year 2020 has been a pretty rough one for many people, and we are thankful for the fathers and father figures in our lives who have helped hold things together.

Coming up on September 6, Sunday, we’ll have the chance to show our dads, stepdads, husbands, grandfathers and more how much we appreciate them with the advent of Father’s Day. You may be wondering exactly how to honor your dad, and that’s understandable. Flowers might be just the thing for Mom, but Dad can be trickier to buy for.


Activities for a Memorable Father’s Day

So how do you honor Dad—especially when you may be living in a place where things are shut down due to COVID-19? Here are a few ideas for spending time with Dad on Father’s Day:

  • Enjoy a virtual tour. With many places shuttered due to the pandemic, take Dad on an adventure from your living room. There are some stunning virtual tours to check out online. Is he an art lover? Check out the Louvre online. Nature fanatic? Try National Park tours. Travel buff? Visit the Eiffel Tower virtually. Close the shutters, pile onto the couch, and enjoy your outing with Dad.
  • Arrange a candlelight dinner. Dust off your china and candles, and treat dad to a multi-course candlelight dinner. If the weather permits, hold it outside in the backyard for added ambience.
  • Treat Dad to a Master Class. Has your dad been wanting to perfect his barbecuing, painting or photography skills? There are some great master classes online that you can treat your dad to. Get him a subscription that will last him throughout the year or watch a single class with him as a family on Father’s Day so that you can all learn a skill together.
  • Set up a wine (or beer) tasting. Bring the French countryside to Dad by ordering a selection of specialty wines. If he’s more of a beer guy, there are lots of specialty beer offerings online.
  • Organize a family game night. Have everybody put away their electronic devices and gather around the table for a good old-fashioned game night. Let Dad pick the games (no grumbling, kids). If your game closet is running low, you may want to order a few fun games in advance so that there are plenty of things to choose from.

What about Gifts?

So now that we’ve shared some fun activities for bringing the family together and making Dad feel like the star of the show, let’s talk gifts.

We all know that it is hard to think of a unique gift to give to the fathers in our lives. But, have you ever thought of giving them a brighter and whiter smile? Give them the gift of a more beautiful smile with a One Click Smile Teeth Whitening Kit.

Age takes a toll on teeth with the things we eat (and even some medications) causing our teeth to yellow and stain over time. And if your dad smokes, drinks coffee or red wine then his teeth may have sustained even more darkening over the years. But our at-home teeth whitening kit can help make your dad’s teeth bright and radiant so he feels more confident than ever about flashing his pearly whites.

Our kit is easy to administer and is available to anyone who wants to quickly whiten their teeth and get their perfect smile at an affordable price. It includes:

  • 3 (2ml) whitening gel
  • 1 LED light accelerator
  • Teeth shade chart
  • Instruction guide

Why Choose One Click Smile for your Dad?

  • Helps him achieve a whiter and brighter smile
  • Can eliminate stains caused by foods, drinks and lifestyle
  • Helps him look younger and feel more confident in his looks
  • He’ll be proud to show off his smile in photos and videos

Fathers and husbands play a pivotal role in supporting the household and meeting the needs of their spouses and children. They tend to be adept at functioning in many roles, whether that be putting on a brave face to confront challenging situations head-on or showing a softer side when family members need a little extra TLC.

All of us at One Click Smile heartily salute all the dads out there who serve as modern-day heroes to their families. We appreciate all the heavy lifting that they do in all aspects of life. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and father figures! #loveoneclicksmile #smilewithoneclicksmile



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