Everything You Need To Know About Toothpaste Tablets To Save Water And Reduce Plastic Waste


We often think about using alternative materials when making sustainable alternative products. However, we often overlook how much Plastic we use. One of these is the traditional paste tube sitting in our bathroom cabinets. They may contain different types of Plastic, including the lid, but often they're laminated with a metal foil, making them difficult to recycle. Besides the ink used for printing (a whole different procedure), several steps involve separating the printing from the paper. As a result, plastic waste ends up in landfills and breaks down into smaller pieces over time. Plastic microbeads in our oceans and seas are tiny indestructible plastics that get flushed down the drain and wash into the ocean, where they cause serious harm to marine life. Toothpaste tubes made from Plastic are still sold in supermarket chains and pharmacies.


Not only that, water conservation is one of our main goals. By removing the water from the formula, you can remove all the harsh ingredients and end up with a much cleaner and healthier toothpaste.


Due to the dry and compacted nature of the toothpaste tablets, the most critical points of difference are that they help conserve water and reduce toothpaste tubes ending in landfills. Lastly, they are travel friendly. Suppose you don't want to buy a whole new tube of toothpaste every time you run out or try to extract the last stubborn blob of toothpaste from the plastic tube. In that case, you need to order your refill toothpaste tablet pack online from www.oneclicksmile.com.au from the convenience of your home and save the time and energy for the more important things or people in your life.


If you attain our tin of toothpaste tablets, you're not only making the recycling option way more accessible, and you can even consider refilling the stainless steel tin with top-ups.


If anything, in the last five years, we have seen devastating effects of global warming on our planet. Australia alone has suffered severe drought, fire, flooding and now the Covid pandemic.


Water is an essential necessity in our lives, so we must conserve as much water as possible for the more critical roles of the planet. Unfortunately, toothpaste contains 40% of excessive water. Toothpaste Tablets contain zero.



What are Toothpaste Tablets?

One Click Smile toothpaste tablets are compressed powdered toothpaste condensed into a tablet. They contain:

Sorbitol, Xylitol, Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Acacia Senegal Gum Extract, Mentha arvensis Leaf Oil, Menthol, Mentha Piperita oil, Hydrated Silica and Hydroxyapatite.


Turn off the tap when brushing.

According to GWM water (Victoria), when you leave the tap on whilst brushing your teeth, you can waste up to 5 litres each time. So why spend all that time and money when you don't even use any water between damping the brush and brushing your teeth? Turn the water tap off when you brush your teeth, so you don't waste any water.


How Do You Use The Toothpaste Tablets?

For optimal oral health, we recommend that

  • You pop one into your mouth.
  • Chew it and
  • Start brushing.

If you like, you can use a wet toothbrush. We recommend one tablet is usually enough for an entire two minute oral care routine. However, some people use two tablets to feel they are getting a better clean. Although please don't swallow it.


What are the benefits of toothpaste tablets?


Toothpaste tubes have sheets of plastic laminate covered by a thin layer of aluminium. These are difficult to dispose of by conventional means, resulting in millions of plastic toothpaste tubes ending up in landfills annually in Australia. While doing everything you can to keep your teeth clean, healthy, and strong, you're increasing your plastic waste.


The reason why toothpaste tablet is a sustainable alternative


1. Reduced Plastic in the environment.

The production of Plastic toothpaste tubes uses fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases leading to carbon warming.


2. Reduced Plastic in the landfill.

Plastic waste in landfills can take up to 200 years to decompose. The leaching of plastic toxins worsens the problem in our underground water supply, hence causing water supply contamination for the next generations.


3. Positive impact

By using toothpaste tablets, you are saving water by reducing water usage in the production of the toothpaste and when you brush your teeth. The reduction of plastic waste in our landfills will conversely minimise water contamination.



How Do Toothpaste Tablets Actually Work?


Prevents Bacterial Invasion

Acid levels in our mouth change when the pH level changes in our mouth. It causes the outer layer of the teeth to wear away, exposing the tooth's inner layers, including the dentin, which is then vulnerable to decay. In addition, bacteria can cause further damage to the tooth enamel by continuing to erode through the outermost layer of the tooth called the enamel. If the bacteria have penetrated into the pulp, then you feel great sensitivity.

Fluoridated toothpaste tabs help decrease the acidity level from the bacteria and create a protective layer on the tooth surface.


Prevents Cavity Formation

Your mouth is an excellent place for bacteria to breed that cause decay. Poor dental hygiene, sugar-rich foods and drinks are among the main causes of tooth decay. Our mouth is full of good biomes.

Plaque forms on teeth continuously, turning into a biofilm. If plaque isn't removed from between teeth using toothbrushes and dental floss correctly, it can become tartar, requiring professional treatment. Frequent consumption of starchy and sugary foods and beverages like bottled juices, energy drinks, lollies, chocolates, and white bread can cause the acid levels in your body to fluctuate. Acid from the plaque erodes your teeth, which is the first line of defence against decay. Enamel is the strongest part of our bodies. If we neglect it, the bacteria can get deeper into the teeth and reach our dentine's second layer. Gradually will move into our roots, bones and gingiva, thus weakening the tooth structure and causing pain and sensitivity. You're supposed to brush your teeth right after each meal, but that's not always feasible.

One Click Smile would not like you to give up your favourite foods and drinks. Still, if you think of them as treats and have them occasionally, that will reduce the frequency of acid attacks on your teeth, along with drinking lots of water to wash off any food stuck on or between your teeth.


Strengthens The Enamel

Your enamel is the first layer protecting your teeth and your first defence against cavities. Tooth enamel can be eroded by the clenching of teeth, grinding subconsciously, brushing with hard bristled toothbrushes, chipping of teeth, and tooth enamel erosion caused by the acid levels changing in dental plaque being present on the surface of the tooth. As a result of eating sugar, your teeth become prone to more tooth decay and sensitivity. Eventually, you get the yellowish discolouration because the tooth enamel has eroded away. Fluoride protects teeth from erosion by creating a protective layer on the tooth surface. It is helpful to brush your teeth using an electric toothbrush to get rid of plaque and surface stains.


The toothpaste tablet's effectiveness ultimately depends on the ingredients. One active ingredient every tablet must have, along with organic ingredients, is fluoride (or a similar compound to fluoride). It has been scientifically tested and proven for many years that it is a cavity-buster that helps to remove plaque and prevent sensitive teeth and gum disease. Toothpaste without fluoride would mean one fluoride source is being removed from your health routine. If you're interested in finding a more eco-friendly alternative, then it's time you consider our One Click Smile toothpaste tablets.


Advantages Of Using the Toothpaste Tablets Vs Traditional Toothpaste

  • They don't contain harsh chemicals.
  • They are vegan
  • Toothpaste tablets are portable and travel-friendly.
  • Toothpaste tablets will not squeeze out of the container and into your carry-ons, leaving a minty mess on your clothes and other stuffed that you may have packed.
  • You can literally chew toothpaste tablets on the go, like breath mints.
  • Tablets are environmentally friendly as they help conserve water for the planet.
  • They come in 100% recyclable containers or packaging to store in with carbon-neutral shipping.
  • Don't have nasty chemical bonding/stabilisers to keep them from falling apart and stay intact.
  • It has reduced plastic packaging.

Parents Looking for a Mess-Free Alternative to Oral Care

Most of the time, for parents, it's a battle to make their kids brush their teeth in the first place without causing a mess in the bathroom, especially if they are flavoured.

Our One Click Smile sustainable toothpaste tablets provide the parents with the best conscious alternative to adopt a mess-free oral care solution to avoid brush time arguments and negotiations with their children. We have not only made them appealing for the kids but also added fluoride that protects their teeth by removing plaque and preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

Everyone has experienced at least once while travelling messy eruptions or melting into some gross spearmint epoxy like the regular toothpaste in their luggage. We have chosen the recyclable tin box to store our toothpaste tablets so you can easily travel with them without any breakage or leakage– they're much more sustainable.

Keen to try some other eco-friendly oral care? Why not invest in a tongue scraper while you're at it?