How a Sparkling White Smile Could Change Your Life

We all dream of the day when we can change our lives for the better. Maybe you want to win big at lottery, take off on a much-needed vacation abroad or quit your job and start working towards an ideal career.

But did you know that having a whiter smile is all you may need to make a positive difference in your life?

Let’s start with first impressions. Many studies have concluded that it takes only seven seconds for strangers to begin forming judgements about us [link:]. Another 2018 study by the Dollar Shave Club involving 2,000 Americans gives us a bit more time – 27 seconds – though what impresses people the most may surprise you [link:].

Over two-thirds of people form impressions of you before you speak

The study revealed that seven out of ten (or 69 per cent) of the respondents were judging people before they even said a word. There were a number of non-verbal factors that contributed to their first impression, like:

  • Smells nice (46 per cent)
  • Body language (44 per cent)
  • Well dressed (42 per cent)

Smiling came out on top at 53 per cent for being the leading verbal and non-verbal way to leave people with a great first impression. The brighter the smile, the more people will be left feeling positive about you.

Why first impressions matter

First impressions can make all the difference in how successful you are in many areas of your life. Leave someone with a good to great first impression and opportunities will open up right before your eyes.

From a career perspective

Having a whiter smile has been proven to increase your chances of landing that dream job. A study conducted for Invisalign by Kelton [link:] discovered that 45 per cent of Americans perceived those with good teeth to be more likely to get a job. Researchers also found that 29 per cent of Americans noticed someone’s teeth first when meeting someone, and 24 per cent found the teeth to be the most memorable aspect of a person’s face.

From a love life perspective

A clean, white smile tells a date that you’re happy, healthy and confident – three things that naturally make you more attractive to a potential mate. Not surprisingly, the same study cited above found that having nice teeth increases your chances of attracting a partner on a dating site.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry further supported this finding with their own research. According to their study, 96 per cent of respondents believed that having a whiter smile made them more attractive to the opposite sex

A whiter smile isn’t only about first impressions

Having clean white teeth indicates to those around you – both strangers and old friends – that you care about yourself. It signifies good health, friendliness, and self-confidence.

You don’t have to wait to win a load of cash or set off on a dream vacation to change your life. Start making a positive change today in an affordable and accessible way with the One Click Smile tooth whitening system.

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