Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Your smile is one of the most valuable possession and should be treated with upmost care. There is nothing better than knowing that you have a winning smile that comes with bright white natural teeth. Practising good oral hygiene should always be at the forefront of your dental care but before you begin you must understand the concept of plaque buildup and how it affects the colouring of your tooth.

Avoid Acidic Foods and Drinks


Speaking of how food and drinks can affect your teeth colour, you can find that stains from teeth start to form around those that ingest a large amount of acidic food and beverages. The acid content in your meals and drinks can cause you to have yellow teeth due to the mixture of the acid in your system. The acid actually erodes the enamel away fairly quickly in time thus leaving the 2nd layer of the tooth dentine exposed which is yellowish in colour. This layer has tiny dentinal tubules attach to the nerves which give you the sensation. So if these tiny tubules are exposed then you experience that horrible pain due to sensitive teeth as soon as you consume anything hot or cold.

It is generally good to limit your intake of acidic food content as it can also cause some medical issues when overindulged. People with sensitive teeth would also find themselves developing tooth decay. Water has so many mineral properties in them and hence the best option for not only healthy whiter teeth but also for your health inside out.

Take it Easy on Smoking and Coffee.

cup of coffee

This next tip directly correlates to the previous entry. However, certain activities and meals such as coffee and smoking can start a reaction that brings stains on teeth. Although you can have removed some of the colours by frequently brushing, the amount of time and effort that it will take will further increase the more you let the stains continue festering.

Unfortunately, stain-causing food and drinks such as coffee, alongside smoking, can lead to a thick layer that can permanently weld itself to the surface of your teeth if you do not end up dealing with it early on. Energy drinks that contain a lot of sugar can also cause stains on your teeth that would take some dental practice before you can expect it to dissipate completely.

Oil Pulling for a Natural Stain Remover

oil pulling

You can take advantage of coconut oil to help take away the yellow teeth and serve as a natural cleanser. This simple method derived from an ancient Indian tradition that can help naturally clean your teeth and make them shine whiter and more evenly without needing to deal with expensive treatments.

All you need is to place about one tablespoon of coconut oil to your mouth and start pushing and pulling the liquid through in between your teeth to ensure that it coats every corner of your mouth. The lauric acid from the coconut oil helps reduce inflammation and kills bacteria that are usually hiding around the corners of your teeth. The treatment alone may not be as fast-acting as other methods, but you can bet that there will be significant improvements with constant use. Also, there is no chance for this treatment method to cause harm in any way.

Good Intake Of Calcium And Supplements At A Young Age.

calcium supplements

Poor health in general can lead to staining especially certain medications that can make your teeth yellow. Although each person can have a varying degree of difference when it comes to density and functionality of our bones. One natural method you can use to improve your teeth is to consume & give a good amount of dairy products from age 0yrs till 16 yrs olds as calcium is the mineral which acts as our building blocks or foundation for not only ours bones but our teeth, nails, muscles, nerves and cells function too. It is in these important years through meals, good amount of vitamin D for absorption of calcium in the gut helps in the formation of strong bones and teeth. Bone density is highest between ages 25 and 35. It goes down as you grow older resulting in brittle, fragile bones that can break easily without even a fall or other injuries. So in later ages it can be beneficial to take calcium supplements along with Vitamin D. Always consult your doctor before starting any supplements and follow the right dosages.

Here are some of the high calcium foods: milk, cheese (especially mozzarella), ice cream, and yogurt. Other good options include leafy green vegetables such as spinach or collard greens; salmon with its omega 3 fatty acids will help strengthen bones too!

In addition to eating these great items for your diet, exercising and being active can help bones stay stronger. Avoiding smoking is another thing you can do for strengthening your bones. You should also be exercising regularly so that you can maintain strong bone health. Avoiding smoking is another thing that has been shown time after time again in studies done by world renowned experts on this subject matter - it helps lock away those harmful toxins from entering into our bloodstreams which could cause long term damage if not eliminated quickly enough

Routinely Follow Proper Dental Hygiene Schedules

brushing teeth

The most natural way to ensure good oral hygiene is by brushing in a circular motion at 45 degree angle, using a soft toothbrush making sure that not a bit of plaque is left behind for the stains to latch onto, flossing correctly in between the teeth and scrapping your tongue with a tongue scrapper which removes the bacterial build up layer that can cause bad breath at least two to three times a day is a good oral hygiene practice. Managing bacterial growth and dental health hazards is still something that you most definitely need to maintain.

A safe practice that OneClickSmile always suggests is to get regular dental checkups so that you can be on top of your oral hygiene in case other developments like caries, if you have any injuries or broken teeth that need to be fixed, gum disease that may start to develop in your mouth. Getting dental X-rays every year helps to detect all of the above mentioned problems and more which cannot be detected with the naked eye especially the amount of bone loss you may sustain due to periodontal disease.

Watch Out for Heavily Pigmented Food And Drinks


You can find food colouring in almost any meal, especially in sweets such as cakes, icings and candies. The sugar in those confectioneries act as great habitats for bacteria to grow in time to turn into sticky and hard substance where plaque will grow. Some other ingredients that cause staining are tomatoe based pasta sauces, berries, some Indian masalas, soy sauces, sugary energy drinks, fizzy acidic drinks some hot beverages like tea, coffee, then red wine are a few to name who have been the culprit for staining your teeth and making you look older than your age. In most of these ingredients sugar is the main culprit for increasing bacterial activity in the plaque. If this plaque is not brushed off and flossed it hardens which cannot be brushed off by normal brushing or flossing alone. This hardened bio film is called tartar which makes your teeth look yellow, discoloured and makes you look older. Due to its thickness and hardness tartar can only be removed by a Dental Hygienist or the Dentist with their professional instruments.

The risk of damage from food colourings and sugar may be slim, but the staining effect can last a lifetime if you are not careful with your tooth cleaning. So white food like white chicken, fish, turkey and water to name a few are some of the best food groups that will not cause staining. Of course OneClickSmile will never say you should never eat or drink the foods and drinks that you enjoy having but if you do consume them please limit them, brush your teeth immediately after consumption and if it’s not possible to brush drink plenty of water or rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.