OneClickSmile and Everything You Need to Know About It


OneClickSmile offers a teeth-whitening kit that consists of 3 (2ml) whitening gel, 1 LED light accelerator, a teeth shade chart, and an instruction guide for only 79.95 Australian dollars!


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 This teeth-whitening system is designed by dental hygienist Tanaz Warden who had professional frustrations and dissatisfaction with the teeth whitening services currently available. Her goal was to create an easy and portable whitening kit that gives effective and fast results all while being affordable, too. Combining her professional expertise with her husband's knowledge in the business (who is a successful pharmacist), she designed the kit and conducted tests- which by the way, does not involve animals- and trailed her developed product with a group of early adopters.

 How exactly does this teeth-whitening kit work, then? Primarily, the kit offers a specially designed brush pen which will allow you to put the whitening gel directly to the teeth. This makes the whitening process free of a mess as your teeth will directly absorb the solution that will not disperse into unwanted locations like the gums. See, the gel is composed of hydrogen peroxide with 6% concentration. As getting such a solution into the gums may cause sensitivity and other gum problems, Tanaz made sure the process will be safe for every part of your oral cavity by designing a brush pen rather than a mouthpiece and maintaining the percentage of the substance at the safest level. As safe as it is, the kit is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, a seal of approval only a few whitening products can boast.

Now, why only 6% of concentration if the gel is expected to whiten teeth in only 10 minutes? Studies suggest that high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide will greatly contribute to the erosion of the tooth enamel. Once this enamel is completely dissolved, the dentin which is the yellowish tissue that protects the pulp inside will be exposed. Thus, the teeth will appear more yellow instead of getting whiter if another level of concentration was selected.

 Moreover, a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide means there will be a higher amount of peroxide that will reach the pulp. This frequently leads to teeth sensitivity that will have to be treated for a long time. Because of this, the kit uses the advisable percentage of concentration that is only 6% contrary to the 35% dental clinic services offer. While it is true that this lower percentage will necessitate a longer period to effect, it is safer than in-office bleaching, and will still oxidize in 10 minutes once applied in the teeth compared to carbamide peroxide that needs at least 20 minutes to get corroded.

How, then, can the OneClickSmile kit promise 2-8 shades whiter teeth in just 6 days considering the gel would have to be used for a long time first? This is where the LED light comes into the scene. Low concentration of hydrogen peroxide may take a while longer to efficiently whiten the teeth, but that is only if it is on its own. The use of LED light will enable the solution to penetrate the enamel and dentin to break the stain molecules in just 10 minutes even with lower concentration. Hence, OneClickSmile can assure shades whiter after every use! What's more amazing is that, as this kit is designed to be portable and easier to use, the LED light accelerator can be plugged in any USB outlets. It has 3 ends which can be plugged into iPhones, Android phones, or even laptops.


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Therefore, with this kit, you can whiten your teeth anytime and anywhere, even while exercising or texting or something else. Just apply half of the whitening gel into your teeth (there is a line provided as a guide), plug the LED light accelerator into any USB outlet an hour or two after a meal, and your smile will be shades brighter! Make sure to allot 1-2 hours before you take a meal after use.



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Note, however, that the shade progress will depend on the user's lifestyle, still. While OneClickSmile can eliminate the stains caused by the food you eat and your oral habits, regularly staining and chipping your enamel would still make a difference with the product's effects. People who practice good oral health hygiene and routines, for example, will progress 2-3 shades whiter after every session, in comparison to only a shade whiter of those who frequently drink or eat acidic and tannin-containing foods. The good news is, you can use the OneClickSmile teeth whitening kit for as long as you want, with just a month in between usage. After the six-day treatment, you can wait for a month to get your teeth even whiter if you want further shades improvement!


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