Should you Brush or Floss First?

We know that flossing and brushing are essential for our daily oral care routine.  It keeps our oral health in its best condition.  Taking care of your dental health effectively removes plaque and reduces your chances of getting gum diseases and bad breath.  Moreover, brushing and flossing contribute to maintaining your pearly whites.  

But have you ever wondered, which should come first between brushing and flossing?  Well, we will now answer your question!   

Dental professionals recommend flossing first before brushing your teeth.  Doing this routine can clean your teeth properly because flossing helps loosen the bacteria and plaque between teeth and allows brushing to effectively remove food debris.  It will also leave your mouth cleaner than brushing first before flossing.  


Why is flossing important?

You only need to brush your teeth twice a day to have good oral health. This dental myth is totally not true because brushing alone will not clean hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, especially in between teeth; that's why flossing should be done regularly and must be included in your daily oral care regimen.  

Flossing plays a significant role in keeping your gums and teeth healthy. It is beneficial in reducing your risk of having gum disease, halitosis or bad breath, and other oral health issues. Cleaning interdentally using floss or interdental brush can effectively remove interproximal or interdental caries that are difficult to detect by the naked eye and can only be removed through flossing.  

Studies also suggest that flossing before brushing will help more fluoride concentration remain in your mouth afterward, which is beneficial because fluoride protects your teeth against decay and makes your tooth enamel stronger. 


How to floss correctly?

You need to put gentle force when flossing to avoid gum damage.  Work gently between every tooth, right below your gumline. With a push and pull gentle force, slide the floss in the space between teeth using an up and down motion.  Take your time, and do not rush to make sure you have cleaned your teeth properly and thoroughly.  

To achieve the best results of optimal oral health, you can floss your teeth in the morning and in the evening. 

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