Strawberry and Teeth Whitening

Are you worried about the color of your teeth that makes you lack a white smile? You need to become a strawberry addict and maintain a beautiful smile. Strawberry is primarily referred to as the queen of all other fruits in most regions in the world because of the health benefits they carry with them.


Why use strawberry for teeth whitening?

The fruit has long been hyped as the best natural way of whitening teeth for an outstanding smile. The secret of strawberries' ability to bleach coloration and stains on your teeth lies in their acidity content in them; The malic acid. The malic acid in these berries is a natural cleanser that can help you whiten your teeth without seeing a dentist.

The process occurs naturally hence one is assured of a permanent treatment and zero side effect of the remedy. However, the process does not happen abruptly but requires persistence in the intake of strawberry. Better results call for the inclusion of the berries in the diet. Taking a couple of them for breakfast or tea-break will yield more outstanding results.


Ripe strawberries yield better results

It is best for you to use ripe berries for your teeth. The fruit typically contains a low concentration of citric acid when not mature which may at times weaken the enamel of your teeth. The ripe berries have a high concentration of malic acid and decreased levels of citric acid. This high concentration of malic acid is responsible for whitening your teeth by removing stains and coloration hence the best natural way to whiten your teeth.


Pay less for to whiten your teeth

Yellow and stained teeth can always ruin the best of lipstick jab. Therefore most sophisticated people who value their outlook seek dental and commercial products for whitening their teeth. Unfortunately, these dental products turn up to being extremely expensive to most of us. Also, who wouldn't want to be able boast about their pearly whites? Unfortunately, many people neglect the importance of maintaining good dental health. 

To avoid this just be a strawberry addict, it's less expensive. You only need to chew them and maintain a pearly white smile. The presence of vitamin C in the strawberry will also in return help you to combat plaque buildup. More to these they are rich in other nutrients that are healthy for your well-being.