The Effects of Smoking on Oral & Dental Health

Smoking and using tobacco only harm your body. It is mainly responsible for millions of deaths every year across the globe since it is linked to various health problems, including lung, throat, oral, and stomach cancers, heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis, and asthma. Moreover, smoking is detrimental to your oral health. 

Read on and learn the various oral health problems connected to smoking. 

Oral Problems experienced by Smokers

1. Gum disease

Studies suggest that smokers have double the risk of getting gum disease compared to nonsmokers. If you already have underlying gum damage, it will worsen since smoking just weakens your immune system to fight gum infection.  

2. Tooth decay and tooth loss

Smoking will only promote bacteria and plaque build-up in your mouthleading to tooth decay and cavities. In worst-case scenarios, you might lose a tooth because of smoking due to caries in your teeth.   

3. Teeth discoloration

You will surely experience dental staining if you are a smoker because the nicotine and tar found in tobacco might get absorbed in your tooth's enamel pores, leaving your teeth stained.  

4. Mouth cancer

Aside from other types of cancer, you are 10 times at risk for mouth cancer compared to people who do not smoke if you are a smoker. Tobacco is carcinogenic, which only means it contains harsh chemicals that will damage your DNA in cells and could lead to cancer.  

5. Decreased Taste

Studies also found that smoking can badly affect your taste buds. It can damage your tongue's taste functions, making your food and drink less palatable.  

6. Receding gums 

People who smoke a lot of tobacco are most likely to experience gum recession because tobacco can eat away their gum tissue and eventually lead to periodontal disease.  

7. Bad Breath

Smokers usually acquire halitosis and have the so-called 'smoker's breath' because the smoke from the cigarette lingers in their lungs and throat. Moreover, smoking can only dry your mouth, which is one of the main reasons for bad breath.  

If you are a smoker, speak to your healthcare practitioner about quitting smoking. Also, visit your dentist for regular oral and mouth checks.