The Importance of a Clean Tongue

More than often, people forget that oral hygiene and health do not only involve the teeth. The mouth is a very important part of your health, not just for the teeth. A healthy mouth must also have a healthy clean tongue, and here’s why it’s necessary:


Your tongue is covered with  bacteria

Coffee turns it brown, red wine turns it red. The truth is, your tongue is just as much of a target for bacteria as your teeth are, even if it is not at risk for developing cavities itself.

So, what is this buildup? It’s not just harmless saliva, says Kling. It’s a biofilm, or a group of microorganisms, that stick together on the surface of the tongue just like a sponge & unfortunately, getting rid of it isn’t as simple as drinking water or using mouthwash.

“It’s difficult to kill the bacteria in the biofilm because, for example, when mouth rinses are used, only the outer cells of the biofilm are destroyed,” says Kling. “The cells beneath the surface still thrive.”

These bacteria can lead to bad breath and even tooth damage because of this you physically have to remove the bacteria off your tongue by scrapping the biofilm with a tongue scrapper.



Why Should We Clean Our Tongues?

tongue scraping

The tongue is one of the softest organs in our mouth that harbour the most bacteria as it doesn’t just have taste buds on it, it also has crevices, elevations, and all sorts of tiny structures that capture the bacteria unless physically removed. Letting all this bacteria sit and multiply can cause bad breath or halitosis, as well as tooth decay on the inner surfaces of the teeth. This is why it’s so important to regularly clean our tongues — so we can get rid of all the unwanted bacterial buildup! Another benefit to removing the bacteria from our tongues is that it clears the way for our tastebuds to do their jobs effectively.  A bacteria-free tongue not just help taste food much more effectively  it also makes the first stage of the digestive process more effective too, which means improving our digestive health!


Keeping it clean

Underlying conditions aside, just how important is it to clean your tongue as part of your daily routine? According to dentist  Dr  Richard  Marques, it's just as important as cleaning any other part of your mouth.

"Your tongue is like a sponge where bacteria and food particles get trapped and build up throughout the day and whilst you sleep," he explains.

"Leaving them there to multiply can lead to all sorts of unpleasant results, ranging from bad breath and a furry tongue, all the way to tooth decay and gum disease when the bacteria spread to other parts of your mouth."

 Note that your diet also plays a large part in tongue hygiene.

"If you eat a lot of 'roughage', such as raw vegetables, your tongue will be naturally clean. However, most of us don't - so tongue cleaning as part of your daily oral health regimen twice a day is a good idea," he suggests.

How is tongue scraping beneficial?

 Debris, bacteria, and dead cells can build up on your tongue over time. This can lead to bad breath and have a negative impact on your overall oral health & your confidence.

 Using a tongue scraper can help remove this buildup, as well as:

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