We say yes to love!

With Sydney Mardi Gras just around the corner, are you ready to showcase your most fabulous looks? If you’re not completely decided yet, here are 5 tips on what you can wear to the parade, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community!


  1. Bring out those Sequins to the TOP! 

Sequins are go-to’s if you want to showcase your sparkle! As they have glittery effects without needing glitters, sequin dresses or tops may be a good choice for your OOTD.


It could also be an option for a mask- whether for the upper or the lower part of the face. Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, masks are essential to ensure our health and safety.


Doesn’t mean bringing one must be out of style, though! Finding the right mask can actually elevate your whole look for the day!


Afterall, a shiny marvelous piece would SURELY never let you down!


  1. Highlight the Rainbow!

Rainbows are frequently used to represent LGBTQ+ as they represent the diversity within the community. They also represent life, healing, sunlight, nature, magic, harmony, and spirit.  



Hence, if you’re going to take pride in the community and celebrate the festivities, might as well highlight these colors with accessories and extra pieces that would compliment your sparkling base!


Do not be afraid of going overboard because there is no such thing for these vibrant day! Below are some accessory ideas you can use 😉







  1. COMFORT is STYLE for kicks


There are plenty of shoe-styles you can wear; from colored to glittered to even just a pair of plain white sneakers. What is the most important you should consider, however, is the comfort it gives.


As the festivity will be celebrated by dancing the night away with a LOT of walking for the parade, you would want to happily experience it all without painful feet. Hence, go for a comfortable kicks to execute a more confident HAPPY look. Of course, we’re not stopping you from wearing heels especially if you are comfortable with them. We would suggest going for block heels, though, as they would more likely help you get throughout the day.


Remember, all the dressing up and accessories would mean nothing if your aura is not as vibrant as your clothes due to discomfort. Thus, comfort is a style you would also need to consider, especially for the shoes!  


  1. Make Up, Glow Up!


Make up is a form of art: an expression that does not need any explanations.  Express your joy, your pride, and your love with the most fabulous look by experimenting with colors then!


If you are going with a mask, highlighting the eyes would be the most important. Get those eyebrows on fleek, eyelashes colored pink, and eyelids shadowed unique!



  1. Wear Your Brightest Smile!


Complete your look with the brightest smile!



It’s a day to celebrate identities, and so the best thing to wear is your brightest, sincerest smile. Have the most awesome smile with OneClickSmile then, and achieve the most perfect smile for Mardi Gras in just 6 days with 10 minute session each!



The best look you can pull off in there is the look of a happy, confident, accepting, and warm person.



So truly enjoy and have a blast! Make this Mardi Gras an experience you will always treasure and never forget!