OneClickSmile Shares A Smile

As a teeth whitening company that aims to give back to the community as we grow, OneClickSmile would like to raise awareness about second chances in life.

With our motto in mind, #NoSmileLeftBehind, we are determined to help in empowering women who desire to make a change in their lives, and see a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their families. 


We understand that reentry to society is a huge challenge, and thus the reason why we offered a hand, and continuously do, in our own special way. Such is through donating the kits to some private organizations that help incarcerated women mould their new life in the society. WE have asked them if we could help their benefactors achieve a brighter smile that may help them achieve their goals, ace their job interviews, and face any other social activities with confidence and ease.

Below are some of the letters the benefactors have sent after receiving their very own kits, but as we understand the privacy laws, only the first names are provided.




“Thank you so much for the special gift. I really appreciate it and was excited to discover the teeth whitening kit! I have been wanting to whiten my teeth for months, but wasn't sure how to do it. I couldn't believe it was there in the gift and it was so easy to use. Thank you! It may seem a small thing to you, but it made me feel very valued and special. Many thanks once again.”



“I was recently released from prison and was blessed to receive a care pack from Prison Network. Among other things the pack included a Teeth Whitening Kit from One Click Smile. I really needed a fresh start and thought this would give my confidence a boost. It made such a difference, after only 6 days I felt like a new woman and was ready to face the world. I applied for

a job and got it! Thank you so much Prison Network and One Click Smile, you have given me a brand new life.”



“I wanted to use it to have a whiter teeth because such makes you look healthier and more attractive. It made me feel more confident generally and the product was very easy to use.”




Stories about fresh starts and uplifted confidences have always been the core reason why the brand exists, and hence, it was great joy for us to hear that we helped even in just the simplest ways.

If you know any more institutions that may be interested to partner with us in this project, please let us know. You may also email us at if you would want to participate in this outreach or call us at +61 2 8294 8443.


Together, let’s make and share awesome smiles!