Description Page

The One Click Smile teeth whitening system has been designed with two things in mind: you as the user, and getting results in a proven, safe manner.

 But we know that as a smart consumer, you want to know more.

 Peace of Mind

With any health or medical treatment, health and safety are often the first concerns patients and consumers have. That’s why we have registered our device with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The TGA is a Federal Government authority that is part of the Department of Health. Its regulators review and register all therapeutic goods that are available for sale on the Australian market, including ours. So you have the peace of mind that a Government regulator has reviewed our product and deemed it safe for sale to the general public.

With the increasing trend toward health awareness in food and sourcing, another often-asked question is about the active ingredients in our product.


Active Ingredient


The One Click Smile system uses hydrogen peroxide as its active ingredient. This active ingredient is contained inside a gel that you apply directly to your teeth using our application device. We chose hydrogen peroxide because:


- it is safe,

- commonly used, and,

- is present in a range of everyday products, including many toothpastes.


The reason it works so effectively as a teeth whitening agent compared to toothpaste is because of the way we combine it with our tested and proven application device. This device ensures that the gel, and the active ingredient inside it, makes contact with the treatment area (your teeth) for the right amount of time, and is not washed away or diluted by water or saliva before your teeth have begun to whiten and brighten.


Apart from toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide can also be found in mouthwashes, hair dyes, and cosmetic creams. It is even considered safe enough to be used as a highly effective cleaning agent for contact lenses.


 Using One Click Smile


All that you need to do to use our system effectively is to follow the usage instructions that are supplied with your One Click Smile system. If you are especially cautious or unsure of whether it will work for you, we recommend that you use it on a small “test application” first on just part of your mouth to put your mind at ease about the safety and efficacy of the system.


More Questions?


If you haven’t found what you are looking for about the product on this page, we recommend you try our FAQ page or our Product Differences page which describes the differences between our product and other options on the market.


And of course, if you’d ask a human, we would love to speak with you – just use any of the contact options listed on our “contact us” page