Mission and Values Page

At One Click Smile, we think a lot about what we stand for, and what impact we want to have on the world.


First and foremost, that impact is about you. We want to be the Australian owned and operated business that helps you get the bright, confident smile you want to have. We believe that once you have that, you have the key to unlocking the confidence and pride in your smile that you might have been missing up until now.

We don’t believe that celebrity-quality teeth and smiles should come at a cost that prevents people from getting the same results. Our system is designed to get results fast, without the need for multiple treatments, and with a price that means that you can get it done today.

Before you leave the house, we want you to look in the mirror and love your smile. Look back on photos of weddings, birthday parties, and holidays and love how you look. And we believe that when it comes to your smile, we can help with that! >/p>


Our goal for ourselves is to be a trusted business that offers our customers the most effective, convenient, and reasonably priced teeth whitening treatment in Australia. Our decisions as a business and the products we have chosen to deliver your teeth whitening experience are tailored to provide comfort and convenience from start to finish, without compromising on the end results.

We are built on the foundations of a long career in the field of dentistry, as well as rigorous product testing and feedback from customers. We have chosen teeth whitening treatment options that have been thoroughly researched for their safety and effectiveness.

The Community

We also are committed to putting smiles on the faces of our community, and the broader community.

We commit a percentage of each sale to the stellar work of the Australian Dental Outreach Foundation.

We also commit that we never have, and never will, test our products on animals.

Our Mission

It’s the combination of this attention to detail, the focus on you, and the commitment to delivering the best results, in an ethical way, that sets us apart from other companies that create and market tooth whitening products. We look forward to helping you unlock your beautiful smile and confidence. That’s our mission.